What is EPERAN™?


EPERAN is a product name of polyolefin foam which Kaneka has uniquely developed with bead method and successfully commercialized for the first time in the world. Our product of EPERANPPpolypropylene foam, and EPERAN™ -polyethylene foam supports peoples lives in a variety of Food/Housing scene with its energy absorption and light weight property. 



EPERAN™PP (Bead method Polypropylene foam)
Its excellent properties of heat resistance and dimensional stability enable to be applied in a wide variety of industries, from the bumper shock-absorber to the tool-boxes in the automobile parts industry, and protective packaging material in the electric-part and precision instrument industry, and many.

 Automobile parts material, protective packaging material

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 EPERAN™ (Bead method Polyethylene foam)
In the extent of its elastic unbreakable property, it is widely used as protective packaging material and distribution industry material.
EPERAN™-XL™ Protective packaging material
EPERAN™-AXL™ Antistatic grade
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EPERAN™PP and EPERAN™ can be easily made designed into complex shapes using established steam chest molding techniques.


Shape molding   Multi-impact   Energy absorption

EPERAN™PP and EPERAN™ can be easily made designed into complex shapes using established steam chest molding techniques.



When subjected to impact shock, as a result of being dropped, or to vibration in transit, EPERAN™PP and EPERAN™ can easily absorb stress and will not break or deform in normal use.

  EPERAN™PP and EPERAN™ have outstanding cushioning and energy absorption properties and can therefore offer excellent solutions in the field of safety and protection for the automotive and other industries.


Flexibility and resilience   Structural strength   Durability

EPERAN™PP and EPERAN™ demonstrate outstanding elasticity and strain recovery properties, allowing the foam parts to return to their original shape even after severe bending or compression.


EPERAN™PP and EPERAN™ have high load characteristics and strength, high temperature resistance and excellent creep characteristics, even at low densities.

  EPERAN™PP and EPERAN™ have excellent impact strength, strain recovery and flexibility. Furthermore they have superior resistance to UV radiation, abrasion and other physical and environmental wear and tear.



Lightweight   Buoyancy   Thermal properties

Due to their outstanding cushioning properties, EPERAN™PP and EPERAN™ can provide outstanding results with a minimum of volume and weight, thus being more cost effective to transport, store or in overall weight reduction.


Thanks to the closed-cell structure, EPERAN™PP and EPERAN™ have a superior long-term floatation capability, and they are not affected by lengthy exposure to either fresh or salt water.

  Being closed-cell foams, EPERAN™PP and EPERAN™ have effective insulation properties and thermo-stability. In the recently developed specialty products the thermal insulation were boosted to a superior level.



Flame retardancy   Chemical resistance   Multi-grade molding

Although the flame retardant properties of standard EPERAN™PP and EPERAN™ are limited, the non-halogen flame retardant grades dispose of self-extinguishing properties in both horizontal and vertical burning conditions. And in case of a fire, the heat release rate is low and the generated smoke is non-toxic.


EPERAN™PP and EPERAN™ show little or even no degradation when exposed to various oils and chemicals and have excellent weather and moisture resistance.


  Kaneka has developed a very cost-effective patented technology allowing the molding of multiple grades in one and the same part, in order to meet specific requirements for the automotive and returnable container businesses.





EPERAN™PP and EPERAN™ consist solely of easily recyclable polypropylene and polyethylene.