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Foam & Residential Techs Solutions Vehicle, Kaneka Corporation
Headquarters:Tokyo/Osaka, Japan
Plant:Osaka Plant (Settsu city,Osaka) , Kashima Plant (Kamisu city, Ibaraki)

In 1950, Kaneka successfully started mass-production of PVC at Osaka Plant for the first time in Japan. Kashima Plant was established in an area of the biggest petrochemical complex in Japan in 1965.
The expanded polyethylene beads, EPERAN
was commercialized by Kaneka for the first time in the world, and started its mass-production at Osaka Plant in 1973.



Kaneka Eperan Sdn. Bhd.
Head Office·Plant : Pahang, Malaysia
Established in 1996 to manufacture EPERAN™ and EPERAN™PP.


Kaneka Eperan (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd.
Head Office·Plant : Jiangsu, China
Established in 2003 to manufacture EPERAN™ and EPERAN™PP.


Kaneka (Foshan) High Performance Materials Co., Ltd.
Head Office·Plant : Guangdong, China
Established in 2011 to manufacture EPERAN™ and EPERAN™PP.




Kaneka Belgium N.V.

Head OfficePlant: Westerlo-Oevel, Belgium
Office: Brussels, Belgium

Established in 1970 to manufacture Kane Ace B impact modifier for PVC. Started to manufacture EPERAN in 1985, and EPERANPP in 1991.
In 1997, Kaneka MS Polymer
base polymer for elastic sealant, and Kaneka Silyl base polymer for elastic adhesives started their production.